Connection Diffuser Necklace
Connection Diffuser Necklace

Connection Diffuser Necklace

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The Connection Diffuser Necklace is stunning in its style and simplicity. It features an elegant gold chain with 6mm and 8mm Lava Beads set in elegant symmetry. Lava stones have, for centuries, been connected to emotional and spiritual healing. Lava stones connection with the earth makes this necklace an elegant choice to help you focus and stay grounded during busy and possibly turbulent times.  

Lava Stone is, in its essence, the solid form of fire. It is also the most ancient of healing stones. Lava stone is used to imbue strength, courage, and self-confidence. It may relate to the Phoenix and symbolize rebirth, allow the wearer to persevere under even the most difficult of life circumstances, or enhance reconnection with Mother Earth.

Suggested Oils

Any, but in particular Mandarin, Tea Tree, and Energy Blend.


Lava Stone is unlikely to significantly fade or change color, although prolonged contact with body oil may result in some discoloration. Stones can be gently polished using a soft cloth. Avoid using commercial cleaning products on your stones. Prolonged contact with water should be avoided.

Directions for Use

Lava Stone should be worn with close contact with the human skin. Lava Stones are included in all Active Infusion jewelry. Simply add 2-3 drops of any recommended essential oil to the Lava Stones and allow to dry for 5-10 minutes before putting the jewelry on. The oil’s beneficial, homeopathic effects should last throughout the day without the need for reapplication.


  • Materials: Hypoallergenic Stainless Steel, Lava stone
  • Beads: 6mm, 8mm
  • Fit: 15”, 18”