Purple Tiger's Eye Diffuser Bracelet
Purple Tiger's Eye Diffuser Bracelet
Purple Tiger's Eye Diffuser Bracelet

Purple Tiger's Eye Diffuser Bracelet

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The Tiger's Eye is the stone of protection. It has also been said that this stone will bring good luck to those who wear it. The stones of the Purple Tiger's Eye Diffuser Bracelet have a beautiful, rich purple color, which is the color of transformation. The benefits of the powerful color include the ability to heal melancholy, hysteria, and delusions, as well as to bring spiritual insight.

Picture a tiger stalking its prey in the jungle. What qualities come to mind? Tiger’s Eye embodies the awesome power of its namesake predator, concentration as the tiger stalks its prey, and patience as it waits silently for the perfect time to strike. Unsurprisingly, tiger’s eye is used to enhance fortitude, stamina, vivaciousness, and willpower. It may also restore courage, fight off negative thoughts, emotions, and energy, or allow the wearer to see clearly and act confidently.


Power, Confidence, Sexuality, Focus, and Willpower

Suggested Oils

Orange, Lemon, Peppermint and Energy Blend

Directions for Use

All natural gemstones, including Tiger’s Eye, will fade and/or change color if worn over time due to contact with body oils. Stones should be gently polished using a soft cloth. Avoid using commercial cleaning products on your stones. Prolonged contact with water should be avoided. Use one or two drops of your favorite essential oil on the lava beads, and let dry a bit before wearing the bracelet.


  • Semi Precious Tiger's Eye stone, Lava stone
  • Beads: 8mm
  • Fit: ~7” Flexible stretch fit