Tranquility Diffuser Bracelet
Tranquility Diffuser Bracelet

Tranquility Diffuser Bracelet

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The Tranquility Diffuser Bracelet is made of beautiful tridacna beads and Lava stones. It has an elegant simplicity that makes it highly versatile. Tridacna is a type of large, saltwater clam. For centuries, artists have been fascinated with the aesthetics of Tridacna Shells, producing carvings which often take the shape of various human or animal forms. In Polynesia, islanders believed that the shell provided a link between the mind, body, and soul.

The healing properties of Tridacna Shell's range from stimulating the mind to produce creative bodies of work to promoting cooperation between disparate areas of the self, as well as with others. It has been known to enhance the magnetic field of the human body as well as increasing wisdom and protection for you and those around you. Tridacna Shell may assist in providing order and cohesion to groups or restore spiritual and physical health to one’s self. 


Imagination, Sensitivity, Adaptability, Empathy, and Intuition

Suggested Oils

Lemon, Tea Tree, Eucalyptus, Frankincense, and Clarity Blend

Directions for Use

Tridacna Shell, like most shells, is unlikely to significantly fade or change color, although prolonged contact with body oil may result in a minor color variance. Shells can be gently polished using a soft cloth, but for the most part, do not require any maintenance. Avoid using commercial cleaning products on Tridacna Shell. While Tridacna Shell can be submerged in the water safely, it is not recommended as prolonged contact with water will damage the strand holding your bracelet or necklace together.

Use one or two drops of your favorite essential oil on the lava beads, and let dry a bit before wearing the bracelet.


  • Semi Precious Tridacna Shell, Lava stone
  • Beads: 8mm
  • Fit: ~7” Flexible stretch fit